Friday, May 7, 2010


Webbie say Katy Perry's possible release date is 23 August! Not confirmed yet tho. BUT STILL~ It should be around the date. Heh. CAN'T WAIT! Like 2 more months eh? Damn. I love youuu. This picture of her looks... idk why but I LIKE LOL! So anyways today Ghim, Chiali, Ragam, Fatimah, Miin wei and Nicholas went to my house... FOR IDK WHAT REASON. I was like T.T I wanna go home then dunno who say EH! WE GO YOUR HOUSE. So yeah... Like that loh. tired to write...
OH! Ragam say that time during english oral, the 5 people from our class which was me, xiukai, mawaddah, natassja and dahliah... When we were sitting infront with the teacher, we were sitting the same way LOL. Like one of our leg was up. COOL YO. But... she was looking at our legs... CREEPY.
Urgh, i can finally sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep longlong tomorrow. Hellyeah.

I hate how your smile makes me feel like everything i've done is worth it... Makes me feel like i should continue... Makes me feel like i'm a nice person... Makes me love you... Ohgod. byebye!

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