Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My remedy remedy oh!

HEYHO. I'M SO DAMN HAPPY CUZ CAN SMS LERH. HEHEHE. I almost died sia. The error message drove me nuts -.- The starhub anyhow only!! ANYWAYS. Today lessons were rather boring... Brought alot of books to sch very heavy de leh! I can't remember what happen mostly... Uh. During maths was like DEBATING with hayati about the "importance" of maths. Actually not really debating since i'm the only one talking. LOL. I should write a letter to the government and complain LOL. AS IF THEY WILL CARE -.-
MRS HONG NEVER COME~ LOL. Then the mr ang come take over. He keep on listening to our class people de conversation and laughlaugh to himself LOL! Ohyah and mrs hong de name... HONG HONG! Like you know the car press the button to make the sound. honghong. LOl lame. Ang Hui Bing say my english compo DIE. Fuck... She say i'm smart but lazy. PLEASE LORH. How many times must i say this! If i am smart, then xiukai is what? Einstein ah? -.-
THEN NO HISTORY~ Went to JP to eat LJS! Sockghim suddenly desperate to eat it idk why. Then right... After eating wanna go action city but ended up spending alot of time in other shops first. LOL! Well.... My mum was suppose to go home early to cook salmon for me... but she can't go home early ): -sobsob-
Anyways. Now i have to wear this thingy on the right leg at night... It makes me feel so x.x makes me feel depressed looking at it... like GOD DAMN YOU! Somemore it's uncomfortable... But my mum say have to wear so that my leg will be like better... I felt ): But my brother said something that kinda made me feel better!! He say
"Look like iron man leh"
LOL. My leg looks like iron man... He anyhow only lah! But still! Made me feel better like seriously... ILOVEYOUKENNYGOH LOL!

I don't mind you asking me "WHY YOU LIKE KATY PERRY SO MUCH?" But can you don't give me that disgusted face?! SO WHAT IF I'M OBSESSED WITH HER!! So what if i touchy her! So what if i wanna know how her hair smells like! Okay that's kinda creepy but... LOL kay nvm. BYE! I'm not weird or creepy or crazy... I'm just special... and very in love... Thanks.

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