Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello hello hello!

Hello! Jasmin haz a boyfrenz! Let me introduce you to him! His name is Fatty Perry Levine. He is not the hottest or sexiest. In fact, he is rather fat but that makes him adorable! His hobby includes eating and sleeping. His favourite foods includes the star shape thingy, the redred thingy and vegetables! He lives in a 2 storey bungalow. He is more of an indoor person. He prefers sitting at home and just watching the world go by. He is a nice boyfriend because he is a good listener and he is good at keeping secrets! Furthermore he listens to me sing! Even tho he say i love you back to me, but i know that he loves me! I know it from the way he looks at me. HAHA OKAY WHAT AM I SAYING LOL. OKAY LAH IM BORED AND I LOVE MY HAMMY. Watching beditme stories on tv and got RUSSELL BRAND LOL. My mum find him ugly. He is okay lah. Whatever and whoever stand beside Katy Perry ugly also will become pretty liao. HAHA

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