Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just telling it like i see

I was like browsing through my mum's lappy and i found a few pictures of Katy Perry!!! I saved them in there a while ago and i forget sia... THE PICTURES ALL SO PRETTY ONE T.T Oh but like all of her pictures are pretty so~ Yeah idk lol. AND CALIFORNIA GURLS HAS REACHED NUMBER 1 ON THE BILLBOARD TOP 100! BOOYAH. I'm so proud of you wifeyyy. I love you! If i had to give up the world for one thing, it would be you. :D
Anyways. I'm kinda pissed with some people...Not some people actually... It's just one person. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU MANZX. I MEAN. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST THEM? WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU? ARGH I feel like tearing someone apart. Why must you guys always destroy my mood. WHY.

I had the strangest dream... If it was like a few months ago, i would have loved the dream but now it's just crap. C R A P . But i do love the shoe i bought in the dream tho. LOL. It had a hamburger picture printed on it... COOLLLLL.
Anyways, is the picture of Katy above too big? o.o

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