Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wellwellwell. My alarm rang at 4.15... Bathed and went downstairs to wait for taxi... Then went to fetch viknesh and chiali. The taxi driver was hilarious. Reached there super early. We were like the EARLIEST. Fuckyeah! Under the void deck got one cat meowingggg. Then after awhile the rest came and i got my mcgriddles burgerr~ Nomnomnom. Then we took the bus to the pier and went to the place! NEED TO WALK LIKE A DAMN LONG WAY TO REACH THE BEACH SIA. Then people were all walking very quickly. Never slow down and enjoy nature. I SAW A RAINBOW.
The people all like concentrate on walking... I saw a rainbow~ Then someone said EH MAWADDAH. LOL. She's watching us... THEN AFTER AWHILE THE RAINBOW FORMED AN ARC LEH. Didn't manage to get a picture of it cuz they all keep walking fastfast and the other half was very faint anyways. BUT STILL. AN ARC LEH. SO COOOL.
Had to walk through this bloody forested area and there is like fuckloads of mosquitos. Like normally we won't see the mosquitos but this one right I CAN SEE THEM SUCKING ON MY BLOOD. SO MANY AND SO BIG. When i came out i had like 20 over mosquito bites. Somemore the place so muddy. I'm like the only one who keeps falling lol.
PINK COLOUR DE uh sponge ah? I forget what's that lol.
Even tho my entire shoe was like muddy, the below there with Katy and Adam is still extremely clean ^^
Walking in the water was one of the most HORRIBLE experience manzx!! Like no idea where we stepping then keep on got holehole. Scary. Almost fell like alot of times lol.
After awhile my mosquito bites turned purple-ish? Like bruised?! I had like the most got anot... One area got 8 mosquito bites... I can still see them now :/ My forehead also have -.-
Then after that got like some landfill tour thing. I was so freaking tired but i was glad to be out of that beach and forest yo. No more mosquito~ Went home de time went to PIZZA HUTT with chiali and yati!

HAYATI MAKE ME LAUGH UNTIL I PEED!! Thankgod i was wearing my diapers. HAHAHA. And chiali added alot of cheese to her pasta... THEN! We went to like popular. Then i just randomly picked up a magazine then i was flipping through it. I was like "Why no Katy Perry" then i flipflipflip ZOMG KATY PERRY!! XD!!! HAPPY IS ME. Then flipflipflip OMG KATY PERRY AGAIN. XD!! Then flipflipflipflip OMGOMG KATY PERRRY AGAINNN! Then no more liaw. Kay lol. BYEBYE

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