Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Currently watching a show on mtv about like famous people de crime scene thing. Then it's about a lady named SELENA! Not selena gomez but selena gomez was named after her. THAT SELENA DIED WHEN SHE WAS 23 SIA. 23!! AND SHE WAS BLOODY FAMOUS. If that bitch hadn't kill her, she would be like damn famous now? And i heard them say something about the person killing her cuz she was TOO OBSESSED. OBSESSED THEN KILL HER FOR WHAT. Doesn't make sense to me -.-And i was looking at the computer i heard the tv say "You've seen her kiss a girl" I WAS LIKE O.O!!!!! KATY PERRRYYYYYYYYY. THEY THEY SHOW ALOT OF HER!! DE LIKE SHORT PARTS FROM HER VIDEOSS!! SHE'S PERFORMING AT THE MOVIE AWARDS. CALIFORNIA GURLS. 7 JUNE. MUST WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND WATCHHHH!!!

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