Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Got this off some website... If you're not a Adam Levine fan you'll probably not be interested :/ And i know that like all of you are not his fans so i'm just posting this here for i don't know? Cuz easier for me to read lohh. Heh.

Why Adam Levine’s Hot:

1. Helloooooo? Do you currently possess a pair of eyes? It’s Adam-Frickin’-Levine! This man just radiates sexiness from every pore on his ooooh-aaaaaahh-mazing body. His eyes can go from gentle and loving, to playful and fun, to sexually charged and ridiculously intense under those strong eyebrows. They literally hypnotize you, calling you over to come on into his bed. And why the hell wouldn’t you? One glimpse at his perfect, tattooed body is enough to make your heart throb, and maybe something else a bit lower?…

2. Still not convinced? In addition to having your eyes gauged out, did you lop off your ears as well? It’s Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5! His silky smooth, one-of-a-kind vocals alone are enough to make your insides melt; and the pure ecstasy of hearing him sing can only be compared to lying naked in a pile of velvet sheets. The only thing that could possible be better than that is having this guy lying there with you, *yum*.

3. Each and everyone of his sensual or deliciously dirty songs reveals that this man is full to bursting with passion and if you are listening to them It Won’t Be Soon Before Long until he’ll have you wanting to share his Secret, or fantasizing about a very eventful Sunday Morning. She Will Be Loved? You bet.

4. Adam’s killer moves and colorful track record with the ladies gives you a good feeling that he certainly knows his way around the bedroom, although of course, you certainly wouldn’t mind finding that one out for yourself.

5. He’s Adam Levine. He looks amazing just about any way you want him. Cute in a suit, or just chillin’. From the front and from behind. Oh yeah. If the dazzling vision of his almost six foot heavenly body rolling around in bed with girls in his countless videos isn’t enough to get you all hot and bothered, I don’t know what is and I am concluding that you are henceforth a eyeless, earless robot drone.

sad to say, the website never write katy perry one. BUT I AM SURE THAT ONE DAY, THERE DEFINITELY WILL BE. I BELIEVE IN YOU KATY PERRY!!


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  2. ooooooooooh yeah. This man is walking sex. HOT
    he has that sparkle...he's Adam Levine for fuck`sake. :D