Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comatose, or pretty close

Woke up in the morning feeling extremely horrible. Flu and fever. To make things even worst, it was raining and there was thunder. Where are you? Ahhhhh. I'm soooo sadddddddd.

Mdm Lim replied my message! She got say that i'm a fast learner and SHOULD be able to get into poly. Thank you. Thank you very much... I somehow feel guilty. Nevermind. No matter where you're at and what you're doing now, i wish you all the best yo! You were a nice teacher and we didn't appreciate you~

I fell asleep and woke up hugging a picture of Katy Perry. Yayy.

I feel like we're drifting further and further apartt. Like now we don't even have time to hang out anymore and you're always with the others. You don't need me anymore ): I guess that's a good thing bah... Byebyee

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