Thursday, July 8, 2010

I can wait. Even if it's forever...

You look so beautiful today
When you're sitting there it's hard for me to look away
So I try to find the words that I could say
I know distance doesn't matter but you feel so far away
And I can't lie, every time I leave my heart turns gray
And I wanna come back home to see your face
And I
Cuz I just can't take it
Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right through me
And I can wait I can wait forever
When you call my heart stops beating
When you're gone, it won't stop bleeding
I can wait.
I can wait forever I know it feels like forever
I guess it's just the price I gotta pay
When I come back home
To feel your touch, Makes it better
Until that day there's nothing else I can do
And I just can't take it

I love you ^^

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