Monday, July 12, 2010

I have myself to blame

What a great way to start a monday. Fucking great. Fine. I know. I should have saved money. If i started saving money then, i would have enough money to see her. I fucked up okay? It's my own fault that i can't get to see her. I get it. I'm a fucking idiot. I am. So i should stop blaming my parents and just accept my fate. Goodbye Katy Perry... Goodbye.... I almost cried when i was walking home just now. I had to hold back my tears cuz i don't wanna look like some crazy girl crying in public. Please... Just let the day be over... End my pain!! END THE SUFFERING!! This is fucking killing me...

I still love you tho... That was kinda like the only nice thing that happened today. I'm off to sniff glue naozx. Bye. Haha

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