Monday, July 12, 2010

Katy Perry spells love as lurve. So i LURVE you!

I'm just ranting to make myself feel better. Sorry ah...

I is trying to upload picture here but my internet sot liaozx. I finished my english compo! I tried doing maths... I really tried. I feel like tearing my hair out liao. I give up -.-

I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins.
-Rainbow Veins by Owl City

Facebook have become such a bore. It used to be where you can read those interesting stuffs but now it's all about soccer -.- And more people are starting to become emo? Including me i guess :/ It's just that i think too much when i'm alone at home. Yer know. Listen hot stuff, i'm in love!!! with this song The song is so wrong. ahahaha. Anyways, then now like you sad also then i can't help but feel sad :/ Then now ghim also wanna concentrate on studies so it's like :/ Like only me still ~.~ Everyone else is like >= for the exam lol. I like doodling like all over the place!

OH I SUDDENLY REMEMBER I HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM EVER. Probably not the weirdest but like one of the weird ones... The dream started with like me walking into school then i saw xiukai eating the mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then after that she left the ice cream there and walked away. Then i immediately FLEWW over there and finished eating the whole tub of ice cream. Then she came back she was like O.O!!!! Then she sat on me LOL. CAN'T BREATHE SIA. Okay then after that went to the parade square then Mr Giam came up to me and he was like
"I give you a chance to go up to stage and sing"
I was like "FOR WHAT?"
He was like "I know you like to sing and you have nice voice"
He was like "No, but i know you can"
And i woke up. Bald skinny man say what? Uh weird.

I'm tired but i don't feel like sleeping. Because i know once i go to sleep, the next thing i know, i'll be waking up for school... And i don't want to ): I mean Katy Perry stopped studying when she was like 15? I'm 16... Can i stop? :/ I know i know. IT'S DIFFERENT. She's Katy Perry! She can sing! You're Jasmin!! What can you do? NOTHING!!! Yeah i know like she spent like 10 years to get where she is now. 10 years!! Maybe not 10 like 8 but let's just round it off. lol. After being dropped by 3 labels, she didn't give up!! So am i really gonna give up without even trying? Yes. There's no point for me to try so hard. lol. Oh Katy Perry, you have made a monster out of me....

omg i just heard something... i'm scared... I'm like alone... Fucking scary... This thing called love... I just can't handle it~ Oh this thing, called love. I must get around to it but i ain't ready for this crazy little thing called love~ Wahliew. My hamster start to stink after like 2 days. I JUST CHANGED YOU NIA. I love you lah you stinky fatty!! Muah!!

AHh i never bring my books home which means morning i have to climb all the way up to the 4th floor to take all my books and come down. PSSSH!! Maybe i should like break my leg or something so that the class will be moved downstairs. OMG WHAT AM I SAYING LOL. My friend say i'm bipolar. What the hell does that mean? Heard it in KP's song but i still don't know what i means :/ DICTIONARY TO THE RESCUE. Lemme see.
Relating to a major affective disorder that is characterized by episodes of mania and depression.
Mania means excessive excitement or enthusiasm; craze.... O.O So it's like... Moodswing? THAT IS LIKE TRUE O.O HUH. THERE WRITE IS PYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER NIA. CEREALSLY? LOL. Okay WIKIPEDIA TO THE RESCUE. OMG i read some parts of it and i am like O.O It kinda fits me or is it just that i think too much liao. LOL. EH how how? Help? lol!

Did you actually finish reading this whole thang? If you did then i am extremely touched. You are either concerned with me, or you have nothing better to do or like i don't know. lol. I should go now. BYE

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