Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm in love with my own sin~

I can't remember which picture of Katy Perry have i posted... So i'm just gonna anyhow post lah... Got her face can lerh
Katy Perry sweating = fucking sexy. Thatisall.

Just finished watching California Gurls video and received this message from hemand:
California girls are unforgettable. dc dukes and bikinis ontop. sunkist skin so hot that will melt your popsicle. see see what did your katy perry did to me
He got the lyrics wrong but still. haha! Right after my video ended then i receive that message siol... Right

Right now i don't even feel like i wanna live. Not even for Katy Perry because she is like one of the reason why i'm so x.x at the moment. Urgh. Fml!!

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