Wednesday, July 14, 2010

shut up and let me go

So today morning had another thingy with my mum. So freaking irritating. Seriously. You're not the only one with problems!! You're not the only one who is tired. You're not the only one who is sad!!! Do you know or do you even care that i have been crying myself to sleep for the past few days? Oh you're sad because you don't have money. Well, from what i heard from you, you just sold 2 houses. Not help to rent but you SOLD TWO WHOLE FREAKING HOUSES. I can see how broke you are. You said that you don't have anyone to talk to? Oh, what about those boyfriends you have been bragging to me about huh? Whatever mum... SEriously... Whatever...

Oh there are ppl out there who wishes to have family to love them but don't have? Well. They can have mine. And there are people out there who are dying but wish that they can live longer? Well. They can have mine too.

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