Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh wow

Ohmygod. Now i feel fucking warm and like my brain is like beating?! LIKE SERIOUSLY WARM OMGGGGGG. I only drink like half a bottle?! MY GOD SO WARMMMM AND MY HEAD IS LIKE X.X My face is like damn red?! Ohmygoddd. I'M LIKE BURNING. NOW I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY THOSE DRUNK PPL ON TV WANNA TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES SIAA. LOL I'm not saying i'm gonna take off mine. I CAN FEEL THE BLOOD PULSING THRU MY BODY OHMEGOSH HELP HELP And i'm like shaking. MYGODDDD Well.. This is like the first time and i think it's gonna be a last time bah... I DON'T LIKE I DON'T LIKE OMGG lol i'm fucking dyinggggggggggg lol ghimmmmmmmyyyyyyyy

Anyways THE RADIO TALK ABOUT KATY PERRY LEH. HEHEHEHEHE. Her names just makes me go crazyyyyyyy. i should stop blogging kay BYE

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