Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whythey'rehot finally got Katy Perry liaw. HEHE. AWESOMEZX.
Why She’s Hot:
1. WARNING: People with heart diseases and guys that get turn on easily stop here, don’t read any further. First of all, she was crowned the hottest woman alive in Maxim’s Hot 100 List, bitches! And why wouldn’t they? Her name is Katy -sexy- Perry, she’s a singer and a badass!
2. Where should I start? Her breasts, oh dear…They were made by Gods! It’s impossible to focus on what she’s saying when you have those perfect twins right in front of you.
3. That’s not all. She has long, tanned, fit legs that makes you want to caress them forever. Take your time to wipe the drool from your chin and the keyboard before keep reading.
4. LOOK at this. Hasn’t she the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen? It’s like she’s watching your soul. You can’t help but stare and stare and stare… And what about her stunning smile? She brightens the lives of many with just a simple grin. You can’t help but adore her!
5. You’ve seen all her physical, wonderful features but she’s also incredibly funny, friendly and the most adorable person you’ll ever see! When you listen to her singing you forget about all bad things and you just let that magic voice take you to a wonderful place.

P.S I still feel like puking from that breezer x.x

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