Thursday, August 26, 2010

30th August

I don't have any papers on that day but i'mma wake up early and fly to Jurong Point!!! Oh the things i am willing to do for you wifey ): THEY BETTER SELL IT I TELL YOU. But i think they will? Since they wrote in so many places that it's in stores on 30th August. Heh. I'm so tired. I'mma go to bed now. See! The place on the right is reserved for me~ I remember Jessica said something like "Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up next to an angel?" She was refering to key tho -.- I shall refer to KATY PERRY!!
Wouldn't it be awesome to fall asleep and wake up next to such a perfect angel like her? and you

I shall go snuggle right next to her naozx. Goodnight everybody

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