Friday, August 27, 2010

and we shake shake shake the hips in relationships~~

Hello. 3 papers today! I'm so poopedddd. I was so damn tired during maths paper i couldn't think straight sia!! I even fell asleep at one point... I was holding my pen, looking at the qn and then suddenly i woke up an was like EH?! Let's just say the only difference between me actually doing the paper and me cheating for the paper is the conduct. Get what i mean?

Mother tongue paper 1... The first essay was going okay. Then until the second essay... I write until halfway, my mind suddenly wandered off to the "Teenage Dream" video and i lost my train of thoughts... Damnnn. I finished paper 2 like super early so i slept!! I literally drooled on the paper. DISGUSTING LOL.
Then after school went to play!! Actually just wanted to play swing but later santhiya came with badminton rackets then play loh. I'm so tired right nowww!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow still needa go school in the morning... FUHH!!

I don't know how to cheer you up when you're sad. I don't know how to calm you down when you're angry. I don't know how to entertain you when you're bored. All i know how to do is to love you with all my heart...

GHIM IS CORRUPTING MY MIND!! You think i'm corrupted? No... LOL.

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