Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The title is rather disturbing if you know what fapping means... Jessica and Sockghim knows xp BUT SERIOUSLY THO... I BOUGHT 2 OF THE 4 MAGAZINES I WANT. Glamour one can't find. The q magazine have but not the same cover as USA one leh! This one got katy perry at the corner only -.- BUT THE ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE IS FCKING SEXY THO. LOOK!! THE PICTURE INSIDE IS EVEN SEXIER. My goddddd. I'm dying... AND I ALSO GOT THE SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!!
TA DAAA. Yay me. Btw, i just bathed which explains the towel on my head... hahaaa

Alrighty, enough about that for now. MT O LEVEL RESULT. Wah. I'm rather disappointed...... GONNA RETAKE. English O level oral was... Okay? Before that was crapping with xiukai for like 2 hours loL! ANyways,, it wasn't that hard i think... The picture... Teacher only asked 2 qns!!! It's a good thing?? YAY. Conversation i talked alot... The qn was about field trip with school then i say about the Pulau Semakau trip that gave me 20 mosquito bites LOL! Then the 2nd qn is about environment... I say global warming then they were like is there any other ones...? I keep on thinking but dunno then she say "like POLLUTIONS?" Then i was like "OHHH!!! THE OIL SPILL!!!" LOL. Big reaction... Kay. IT'S OVER!!!

Wahhh... The magazine.................... OHBTW. GOT SELL MIGHTY WALLET AT JP OMGOMGOMG MUST HAVE. I SAW ONE DESIGN. There's this like comic book de woman there AND SHE KINDA LOOKS LIKE KATY PERRY. ME WANT ME WANT ME WANTTTT. -adds to wishlist- Dear Santa, i have been a good girl. Please send me my gifts earlier. Thanks.

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