Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True, true.

My brother just said one of the most intelligent thing ever.

"Why do i keep gaming? Cuz that's the only thing that stops me from thinking."

Ohmygod. I COMPLETELY AGREE... It's very shiok you know?! Before i played L4D2 like 20 minutes ago i was like >=( and worried like my previous post but now I FEEL PUMPED. But as times goes by, as i sit here and start thinking again, my mood seems to go down too... Wahhh. To those people who play games to escape from reality, i feel you people manzx. I really do. NOW BACK TO MY GAMEZX.

P.S I love you kenny goh!! Don't be sad lah... You're awesome kay! Which is why you're my brother because only awesome people can be my siblings LOLOL!

I know you don't like people who are like lazy... People who doesn't do work... But that's just how i am... I have always been like that... I can't help it if you hate me... But fear not! I will still always love you. The games may have eaten my brain but you have eaten my heart... I love you.

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