Friday, August 13, 2010

diary of a fatty hamster

Hello! If you've notice, i'm kinda sorta obsessed with my beloved hamster, FATTTYYY! The only picture i can seem to get of him is him EATING. Or sleeping -.- It's still cute anyways! So i filled up his bowl thingy with food and snap away! He's sitting in his own food... Imagine you're sitting in your own food while you eat it. Fascinating!!

His face was suppose to be there :/ But his paws are extremely adorable too ^^
Even more food upstairs. Nomnomnom
He looks annoyed lol!
Sexyyy! Haha! I love you fattyyyy. I'm sorry that i haven't changed your cage. I'll do it... someday... Try not to make it so smelly! It's your own home yer know. Hehe. Love yaaaa.

ANYWAYS. Here is the cover of the next Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!
Gonna be released in November~ Can't wait can't wait~

And i have been feeling very... drab... Don't know why but all the pimples suddenly come out? And ulcers? And my right eye is slightly swollen. Shootttzx
Jasmin is not amused. Ohbtw, that is a Green Day poster behind me on the door... Not some random poster of 2 people kissing. Lol!


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