Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keeyboard iss rrunning out oof batterry so tyypingg is like messed up... Alot of extra words will come out. I'm sorry uh. Beear with meeee.

If i could ii would love to stayy in myy hoouuse foreever. I don't wanna go out... I ddon't wanna facce ppeoplle... PPeoplee are mean... furthermore it's nnot likee Katy PPerrryy stayys herehrree so there's nnoo chancec of me bumping onto her on the streretss so there's no point going out... Can just stsay at home and look at her pictures~ And i sselddom go out ww ith you anyways so this wwouldn't make any differennce...

Manzx... I don't know... I'm not like you kay? You cann doo it, i can't. So stop telling me to do this do thahat... I'm sorry.

frerakinnig keyboard driving me insane. Need new batteriesss!! DDdon't have batterieses at home... Stupid wireless stuffs...

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