Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you really?

I know you guys don't believe that i'm really sick right? Cause if really sick how come can go watch movie? Maybe that's just what my dad thinks but I KNOW at least ONE of you! Yes, you. You don't believe that i'm sick do you? You don't believe that i almost puked my heart out in the morning do you? You don't believe that my stomach hurts to the point where i can't sleep yesterday night do you? Okay, so if i'm really sick, why can go watch movie? Cause... I ate after i went to the doctors, then i felt a lil bit better so i went to watch... I mean movie whuat. Just sit down there and see. It's not like i went to climb a fucking mountain. Would you believe me if i said i was bearing with the pain while i'm watching? Would you believe me if i said i came home and puked even more? Would you?

Actually i can't really blame you guys right? I mean after all the "parent letters" and my rant about how much i fucking hate school. When i'm absent you guys are probably like: "Aiya. Surely is lazy to come." or "Aiya, oversleep lorh." or sometimes you guys don't even bother. Manzx. I fucked it up myself. Haha. Screw it. Can i be like in a coma and only wake up like 5 years later? Please?

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