Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Put salt on my wound lol!

Hey. I'm sick... Like this time it's for real. Not just i'm tired loL! Puking out everything i've eaten -.- But somehow, i still feel like energetic! Except that my stomach feels very uncomfortable... My brother brought me to the polyclinic in the morning! So nice of him right! Haha. Is she pon school then nothing better to do then accompany me one. HAHA!! But still thanks anyways!! Then went to watch Salt with him!!!! IT WAS BLOODY AWESOME. I kinda don't like the ending tho... LET IT CONTINUE. Don't let it hang there? My brother say nowadays de movie alot de ending is like that one... Like he say Inception and The Last Airbender also liddat... Pssh!! Angelina Jolie was freaking sexy... especially with the black hair! Awesomezx. And i'm seriously in love with this part
My name is Evelyn Salt.
Then you are a russian spy.
SO BLOODY AWESOMEE. Next time i'm just gonna go up to you guys and say "My name is Evelyn Salt" then you guys must reply me horr!! HAHAHA. Kay. BYEE

Oh p.s I officially hate Lily Allen until i don't wanna hate liao. DIE BITCH!! DIEE. If you like her then i'm sorry. We really can't be friends anymore... We just can't...

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