Monday, August 2, 2010

got a case of a love bipolar

WHATSUP. Today school was like okay. I was kinda high during some lessons... Biology lesson was well... Chiali is probably veryvery disturbed by me LOL. Sorry lah!! Then chemistry NO HAVE SEE MRS HONG DE FACE. WOO HOOO. Then maths we were cutting and pasting stuff... I'm serious... We had to like cutcut that shape above and put it inside this bigger box. I SOLVED IT FIRST NEH. Smart gurl. HAHAHA! Then after that SEL! i was abit crazy again... CUZ KATY PERRY IS FUCKING IN SINGAPORE!! I kept on checking her twitter... lol! Then blahblahblah. Fell asleep during reading period and ft period dunno which one... Then after school went to wait for the maths teacher but she never come leh. PUT MY AEROPLANE!! Then went to jp! Yati wanna buy shades then is 2 for 20 bucks then i buy one also lohh. But i'll need a long time to pay back cuz right now i owe ALOT of people money lol! I'm sorry!!
TA DA! Katy Perry has one like that too ^^

SPEAKING OF KATY PERRY, i'm nervous and scared for tomorrow ): What to do what to do? I've never been to something like that before and somemore going ALONE. I'm scared!!! God. Nevermind. I'll gather up my courage for Katy Perry! GOnna just let myself go. YAY KATY PERRY KATY PERRY. Can you feel her presence? I can!!

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