Sunday, August 1, 2010

My mum is still upset about me going to Singfest. She say what studies are more important... Seriously... Don't you like care about whether i'm happy anot? I've been studying for like idk how many years!! This is just one night. Just one night for me to see my queen. Why are you objecting? Why can't you understand? From the start you already have something against my love for Katy Perry... Gawd why must you always make me feel like i'm doing something wrong? Why must you always bring me down? Even my brother understands!! You know what? One day i just might quit school, run away from home, then when i come back, i'll bring a GIRLFRIEND along with me, have a hand full of tattoos and have lip piercings. You hate all these right? I'm gonna do all these. Stop ittt larrhh you ):


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