Sunday, August 22, 2010

i feel as if i just got hit by a train...

Damn i'm so tired.

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Shitt. This picture just makes me feel even MORE tired. loL! Crappp.

I wanna go back to kindergarten ): School was more awesome back then... We only studied awhile sia... Mine was like a childcare so it ends around 6... Morning we go, play games and watch cartoons. Then study abit. Then there's the delicious lunch. I miss the chicken rice ): Then there's the awesome outdoor time. The playground!!! Dinosaurr. Rawr. Then there's nap times. Then somewhere in the middle study abit. Then bathe, then we end the day with even more games. Hoorah

Also, the countdown thing at the side for wifey's album can't get me excited... Why? Cause it's the release date for USA! 5 hours left! But i still feel meh... Cuz singapore one 30th august then have. IF I GO TO THE STORE ON THAT DAY AND THEY STILL DON'T HAVE IT, I'MMA BURN THE PLACE DOWN!!! lol jk

I'mma go do something more productive now. BAIZX

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