Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heyho. Just finished watching my current favourite tv show and i'm hugging my bearbear and wearing my jacket! How do i feel? I feel happy! Yayy. Happy is me. And i know it's not refering to me but whenever Rui En says "Jasmine" my heart beat until damn fast sia... I love the way she says my name too!! Now all we need to do is somehow get Katy to say it...
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Currently listening to wifey sing~ I feel very happyyyyyyy. Hahaa. The guy in the show is really sick tho... DISGUSTING PERVERT!! He go find girls that looks like his ex gf or smth to rape? and then kill? Or something... CRAZEEE. I'm not THAT crazy. You don't see me finding people who look like wifey and do that right?! lol!

I'm sucha fool for you~

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