Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm still breathing

Oh hey there. How are you? Are you okay? I hope you are. I really do. I hope everything's going well for you. I hope you're happy. I really do. I hope that nothing else is bothering you. I hope that you'll do well for your prelims. I really do. I'll be praying for you. I hope that i'm not a nuisance to you... I hope that you'll miss and as much as i miss you and love me as much as i love you...

Sorry to CL and Yati too for being so super weird today :/ Okay wait. Sorry being weird every single day lol. Sorry that you have to be around me -.- Sorry if i ever made you guys feel embarrassed in public or something haha.

Sorry to my fatty for not changing your cage... I know it stinks... I know it's horrible. I'm really very sorry... I'll do it tomorrow. Please don't scare me anymore. Next time when i'm poking you and you're still alive, please response!! Can't remember how many times you've done that and that scared the crap out of me... Please don't leave me...

Sorry to myself. I'm sorry that i've been wasting my whole life. I'm sorry that i'm wasting my time and money now on Katy Perry. I'm sorry that i'm giving up. I'm sorry that i don't wanna study anymore. I'm sorry that you might end up being somewhere horrible in the future. Sorry Jasmin ):

I should really stop saying stuff like that -.- Maybe i'm kinda affected by the things my brother is doing, the things that you're doing, the words that you say, the things that my mum told me about the world, the number of times my heart has been broken...


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