Thursday, August 12, 2010

Katy's taking ovaarrrrrrrr

OMG KATY PERRY IS GONNA BE ON THE COVER OF ANOTHER MAGAZINE LIKE WTF WTF WTF. Okay wait. There's Rolling Stones, Seventeen, Q magazine? I'm not sure bout that name AND NOW THE GLAMOUR MAGAZINE. SHIITTTT. I WANT THEM ALL. BUT I SEE ALL SINGAPORE HAVEN SELL LEH. FASTER CAN ANOTT. I'm freaking dying. It's all in september's issue leh!!! SEE?! SO PRETTY. OHMYLORD. Oh and i just read this thingy about her which was HILARIOUSSS.
Perry reportedly complained that it was, “cold,” and then promptly put on the shortest, tightest little red and black number she could find.
SO FUNNY OMG. LOL. I love you Katy Perry!!

Ohbtw, i think there's this yog event downstairs? I think is the flame gonna run pass or something i don't know?? It's so bloody noisy got anot! At first they were playing the yog song and it was nicenice and all, then suddenly one auntie started blabbering into the microphone! DAMN IRRITATING SIA. Now she shut up liao. Good. Gooood. SHIT SHE STARTED TALKING AGAIN -.- Couldn't they have found a nicer speaker?! Now she's like saying HO HO HA HA. I'm like whaaaT? Then she's getting excited over nothing!?!?! Gawd....


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