Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some random kp thingys

Katy Perry is ridiculously sexy with her hour glass figure~
She can wear those super high high heels... P.S If you feet hurts after wearing those, i can massage your legs for you! Yay.
She can play the guitar. Acoustic one and
the electric one.
She can balance on a bike like that... She can probably cycle it without using her legs.
She can still jump around while wearing those super high high heels. Or maybe she's even freaking levitating. I don't know.
She can bend here bend there.
She can do a split.
She can draw a penis.
She's strong!!
She can do a god damn hand stand!!
She can climb here climb there.
She can fly.

And she can do this...

Haha! That was rather pointless... I love you so much! Baizx. Oh and to another person... I miss you :/ It's kinda irritating when people tell me stuff i do or say about Katy Perry all those doesn't make sense... Why would i choose Katy Perry over everything else? Because she is KATY PERRY. I don't need a god damn reason.

Kay bye.

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