Sunday, August 8, 2010

lol lame much!!

I think Katy Perry and L4D has really gotten into my head... I had a dream about themm niaaa. The Katy Perry part was... abit wrong :/ So i shall not elaborate much here! THIS PICTURE OF HER IS SO CUTE BTW. Okay anyways, the dream started with me just sitting at this photoshoot thing? Then infront of me was KATY PERRY! YAYYYY. She was doing some photoshoot thing and she's wearing a bikini with a real cat. LOL. Like a real cat. The cat was like crawling all over her and stuff... Thennn she did something that i'm not gonna say and then the dream suddenly skipped to me at this warehouse?

There was like guns and bombs and stuff like the stuffs in the L4D game and i was using a shotgun!! Then was running around with tons of other people then we went into a room and there was TONS OF SPITTERS. DAMN SIA. THEY'RE SO FUGLY. Somemore got damn lots sia!! Coming from all directions!!! But i managed to kill them tho (Y) Then kill until halfway i found this lady hiding in the closet? She's preettyyy and she likes me o.o Like seriously!! She gave me her number and she hide back into the closet? Okay random. Then run run run until a place got alot of hunters!! WTF. How is that even possible!! Like there was a window and hunters were just jumping in like maaaaadddd. Scary shit. Then again, somehow i managed it!! Then the ending was like... wtf... We walk walk walk then heard a witch's cry....
My god sia!! But i didn't get to see her tho... My mum woke me up >=( Pssh. Party pooper xD Now my hand itchy to play game again.. SHOOTZX!


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