Tuesday, August 10, 2010

not about katy perry lolol

I realise that... my previous posts is like... all related to Katy Perry... I'm so sorry!!! loL! But there really isn't much going on right now... I realise i have alot of undone homework.... Like veryvery overdue kind. Lol! Especially for literature... and uhhh chemistry? I'm hopeless. Totally no hope in passing o level. LOL.

If i drop out whhat will happen uh? I mean... I don't wanna... I mean okay so even if i studied my arse out, get into poly, study again, get into uni, studystudy and then get a job. Then workworkwork and die. That sounds horrible... I don't wanna live like that...!! Okay so if i drop out, no certificate whatever shit, then get low pay job? then life very horrible also? LOL. I can't seem to see any good things -.- Too much of my fantasy world i guess? OMG I WANT THIS SHOE.

LOL okay that was random. BYEEE.

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