Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not like the movies

Another song from wifey's album is out ^^ It makes me feel so peaceful like ahhh~ I'm not gonna ask anyone to listen to it liao cuz they're just gonna tell me "I like California Gurls better". So sick of hearing that -.-

ANyways... You know sometimes when you do stuff cuz your friend tells you to do it and your parents is like "YOUR FRIEND ASK YOU TO DO THEN YOU GO DO? THEN THEY ASK YOU EAT SHIT YOU GO EAT SHIT LAH?" I suddenly thought of something to say them back... "THEN YOU'RE MY PARENTS THEN YOU ALWAYS ASK ME TO DO THIS DO THAT. SO NEXT TIME YOU ASK ME TO EAT SHIT THEN I EAT SHIT LAH?" Lol. Thank god i'm never gonna be a parent. If not later i got kids like myself then die liaw. Hoho

Ohbtw, i went to polyclinic just now and my queue number was 2530. 25 30!! Me and Katy's birth date put together. Heh. And the doctor name was hemant... lol! Like seriously...

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