Wednesday, August 4, 2010

short update. kinda

Uh.. I don't have like the cable to connect like the camera to my com... So i can't post any pictures... Don't complain if it's like small or something. I mean yeah... The tragedy of not being infront. THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS I TELL YOU. NUTTSSSS. Anyways, now my butt and my legs and my shoulders fucking hurts!!!! I got blisters on my feet and my throat feels HORRIBLE. But... KATY PERRY WAS SO AWESOME T.T I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH.

OHOH AND RIGHT. When she was singing peacock, i was like one of the FEW who knew how to sing and i was singing it out loud. I SWEAR SHE LOOKED AT MY DIRECTION WHEN SHE DID THOSE ACTIONS. SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME OMG. THEN ALSO SHE WINKED! GAWD. Actually i'm not really sure is it me anot. But since i was the only was singing and stuff i'm gonna say ITS MEE. YAYYY. Gawdddddd...

she kissed 2 people. ON THE LIPS!! 2 of them looks like younger then me!? KAO. One boy one girl. Well. Let it go~ Let it roll right off your shoulder~ NVM AT LEAST I SAW HER. PRETTY PRETTY FACE. HEHEHEHE HAPPY IS ME.

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