Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep your head

So after skipping 3 days of school... I'm going back tomorrow... How do i feel? Horrible. I wanna stay at home and sleep. I wanna become a parasite. Living off other people. Cause that's how i rolllllllllllllllll.

Fate? Fate... Fate! You can't fight fate. So if there's really fate... So it's like everything is already written out for us... If i'm gonna fail, i'm gonna fail. If i'm gonna succeed, i will succeed. If Katy Perry is gonna be so damn famous, she will be and she is. So... since it's already written out, why bother? I mean i don't even feel like trying anymore. Maybe it's fate that my life will end up being like that. I'm gonna rottttttttt. Haha. Fate... Fate is for lazy people. Like me. Perfecto! And here's a random picture of wifey. Ohbtw, before i forget... I dreamt of you!! Not Katy Perry... Youuu. YOU!! Actually i dreamt of you previously... But that dream is abit wrong... So i shall not say muchh. No wait... Nvm, i'll just write it in my diary xD And also... I won't make you wait. You know? If you ever need me i'll be there. Like right there. I'll push everything aside. Even if i'm like giving birth or something. THE BABY CAN WAIT! YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT! -Push the baby back in and flies to you- That's kinda... disturbing... But you get my point right? Heh.

I've been falling asleep while listening to my wifey sing for the past few weeks and it's gooooood. Very very goooood. I slept like a pig~ I slept like my fatty xD Very very niceee.

So... I'mma lend my brother my computer naozx cuz he wanna watch Harry Potter~ Speaking of him... He seems kinda sad nowadays. Cheer up Kenny Goh! I love youu! Okay back to what i'm gonna do... Then i'mma iron my shirt, set my alarm, listen to wifey sing, fall asleep, wake up, bathe, wait for the bus, get on the bus, reach school, and the mundane day begins.... FML.


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