Friday, September 24, 2010

beside you

Ohgosh. I just realise there were some comments on my posts... Like some old ones. and i don't know who those people are o.o LOL. Oh well.

This week has been rather... depressing? My results are totally expected but seriously!! I may look okay and i say i don't care but... HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE MANZX. SO HORRIBLE... Gahh. Nevermind. Lazy to do anything about it =X Best day of the week was wednesday~ Ghim moh knows why. Hee. Okay i forget what i wanna say lerh nvm. PICTURES.

Can someone get me a recording of you saying "GOOD MORNING. WAKE UP JASMIN!"? I wanna put it as my alarm. HAHA. Best thing to wake up to. Hoho

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