Friday, September 24, 2010

i miss sitting...

I love fridays. Because remedials are always cancelled. HAHA. Even if there are remedials, it's just english, lit and bio. NO CAKE MANZX. Hehe. Am currently drinking milk before i go to take a napppp. I wanted to say wifey is feeding me milk but that just sounds wrongggg. You guys are dirty minded =X

I would love to fall asleep beside you tho. Or at least hear your voice before i sleep and wake up to you~ Or at least let me smell youu. Damn i sound so super obsessed... K NVM. BYEEEEEE.

P.S I haz katy perry poster on my ceiling. So wifey will be watching over me while i sleep. And i'll fall asleep and wake up to her face. Weeee

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