Monday, September 27, 2010


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Okayokay. The blood is flowing back into my head again. ANYWAYS. I think i shld sleep later. Because the lesser sleep i have, the more energetic i will be the next day. But will have eyebag siol. But at the same time i need to drag my lazy ass to school. SPEAKING OF SCHOOL! I would rather have 4 hours of maths in a day then 2 freaking hours of catchan in a day!!! I DON'T WAaaAAaaNT!!

"We always love the ones who ignore us and ignore the ones who love us" So now i shall TRY to ignore you so that you will love me. HAHA. Yeah. TRY. Which is... rather impossible... because... you're the one who is... ignoring me... Ohwell.

BTW. I had the most KICK ARSE dream EVAR. I dreamt that i was in school. Then i was like preparing for war. Like literally. It's like those left 4 dead situation. Started in a room with guns, health aid and whatever crap. Then i just took everything and stuff it in my bag. WE'RE READY TO MOVE OUT. but i woke up after that. Sad.

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