Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh my wifey

Lol! I'm so tired of you ignoring me. I'm so tired of myself. SO TIRED OF CRYING OVER YOU. I don't even... Ghim that time tell me to go look at the moon when i miss someone. She never tell me why lah... But i tried looking at the sky just now cuz now no moon. LOL. I felt... really... empty... Like my wifey's song yer know. Who am i living for? No eye deer. I have no idea what i'm gonna do with myself. Like another one of wifey's song... Lost... LOL. Okay i should stop
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Don't look at me like that wifey... Don't~ don't don't don't~ Ah who am i kidding. PLEASE LOOK AT ME MORE ^^ You make me happy (:

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