Tuesday, September 28, 2010

time to get a lil mushy

I am reading an old conversion between sock ghim and someone... She sent that to me like 2 years ago. I still have it. Was extremely bored so i was re-reading it again. Haha it's funny... Especially the last paragraph ghim said... I'm so touched T.T

I know i'm a prick at times. I get sad and throw tantrums for no reason. I hurl vulgarties at every single fucking thing. I get jealous at almost EVERYTHING. And maybe some other things i don't even know i'm doing. But i'm trying my best... Sometimes i just can't help it. Just want you to know that sometimes if i offend you in any way, i don't mean it... I really don't... Sometimes i'm just an ass...

You listen to my rants about wifey. You listen to me venting my anger. You know every single one of my secrets! You know me as meee. Sorry that i'm not always there. Sometimes i'm just very preoccupied with myself... or wifey xD Even though you also make me wait for you for sooo longggg, you're the bestest friend i ever had and i thank you for that!


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