Wednesday, September 29, 2010

must be those chocolates i ate...

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Heyho. Ohkay, this sucks. I haz flu, so i took my god damn flu medicine that made me sleepy, went to sleep. Guess what. I woke up, took a DEEP BREATHE IN. But i can't!! CUZ MY GOD DAMN NOSE IS STILL BLOCKED. AS,LDLMJALSJ ;ALKSJ!! Sleeping with a block nose is horrible. Just plain H O R R I B L E . Why? Because you can't breathe through your nose. So you have to breathe through your MOUTH. So when you sleep, your mouth will be hanging open. And drool will be allll flowing out. Awesome.

I know i've said this alot of times but... just now on the bus i saw alot of old people... Like the whole bus was filled with old people idky. I REALLY. DON'T. WANT. SO. MANY. WRINKLES. T.T I'll kill myself before that happens. HAHA. Unless if i'm like those very rare few cute ones. Some ahma is seriously cute one have anot. Heh. I'mma be one of em!! Can you imagine an old Jasmin still spazzing over kp? KAAATYYY SAUAISDJKASD -dentures falls out and has a heart attack-

Ohbtw, my brother carried one of the tv in the living room to our room and alsooo the xbox. HEHHEHHEH. Maybe next we should hook up the cd player too eh. This ish living. Then maybe we should buy tons of tidbits and stuff... A mini fridge too maybe? Or how about an even bigger tv... Yeah. Wait for me to rob a bank first k. ;)

Lastly, i had a dream. About resultz... Not mine actually. I was like talking to some random lady. I have no idea who is that. She say her prelim all those the marks also kns one. But o level got B and A leh!! Manzx, it's even haunting me in my dream T.T

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