Friday, October 1, 2010

no life

Hai. So... I don't have any good results to show off here so i shall show off other stuff. HAHA. I don't really consider this showing off tho. I'm just sharing what i do at home... Letting you know what i do at home when i'm not studying and why i'm so very easily distracted =X My babies! I love my xbox so freaking muchh. It's so pretty T.T The ps2 is just old lol!
Here is my brother. He looks like he not wearing pants hor. LOL. He is...
My gamessszxzx
My other gameszxzx. I lost some of my games also T.T I so hate myself...
My albumszxzx. Katy Perry ones are not here~ XD
Psp games and computer games~~
AND LASTLY MY MOST FAVOURITE PART OF THE ROOM YO. The "altar" where i worship my goddess. HAHAHA. All hail mah wifey. But i don't just play all day k. I have books.
TA DA. MR MIDNIGHT. LMFAO. I used to buy every single one of his books sia. But i lost most of it... Dang it. Now i only read them if i'm really really really bored.

Well. There you go. LOL. I'm proud of my stuffs k. I love my games. I treasure them like alot. I keep them in neat piless!! It's the only thing that i clean up LOL. Let me clarify this tho... I'M NOT RICH. People keep thinking that i'm rich. I'm not. All these stuff doesn't make me richh. I'm in da middle~ You can see this from my constant borrowing of money from people =X But it's mainly because i spend too fast... Crap. Nvm. K. BYE. I'mma download my fav anime to watch naozx. BAI.

P.S You look amazing these 2 days =X Not that you don't look awesome on other days but nowadays is just exceptionally... breathtaking. I think its because... ehh k. If i elaborate, it'll be damn obvious who im saying bout. So i shall keep quiet and spazz about you to ghim moh latarrrr.

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