Thursday, September 9, 2010

gawd i hate this feeling -.-

I get jealous because i feel inferior to them. I'm afraid that i'll lose you to them. I know i know. I shouldn't feel this way... But... It's because i feel like i'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible friend. They seem better then me. I suck. I'm afraid that one day i'm gonna do something bad that's gonna make you leave me...

To another person. I'm afraid of time. It's getting closer and closer to next year. And next year, we would be seperated. You're going to some very difficult school which is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get into... You're probably gonna become really busy and i won't get to see you often anymore. I mean even now during holidays, we don't hang out much... Shittt. I don't ever want that day to come ):

I'm afraid of losing Katy Perry. LOL. No but i'm actually serious. I cannot imagine what would happen if she died... OH GOD TOUCH WOOD. I tried thinking about it a few times and i actually cried -.- Nvmnvm. Wifey doesn't do drugs, neither is she an alcoholic! Which means she is healthy healthy (: She will live forever!!

THIS IS NOT CALLED EMO-ING HOR. I HATE EMO PEOPLE KAY. I just feel the need to say this -.- Being emo is doing stuff like writing shitty poems. Talking about having no friends. Cutting themselves. Liking the colour black. AND WHATEVER!! I'm not liddatt hehe.

I feel rather sadistic now because i'm watching a sadistic show on tv... LOL. It's called Estate Of Panic. EPIC SHOW I TELL YOU. For money, those people have to do disgusting stuff or scary stuff. Kinda like fear factor but this one has much more screaming. Hilarioussssssss

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