Sunday, September 12, 2010

I just had to say this

I don't know why but i used to be a HUGEEE fan of James Lee!! You know? Mr Midnight? I bought like all of his books but i lost like most of it tho... I met him twice too! I got his autograph and i shook his hand. Hehe. But i was re-reading one of his books yesterday night and i couldn't understand why i liked these stories so much... Because seriously, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. I mean it kinda does but it's so damn lame -.- I shall be nerdy for once and do a BOOK REVIEW LOL. I'm gonna post some random pictures if not it's gonna seem very very wordy =X

Who Stole The Zoo?

So the story is about this bunch of kids going to the zoo to do an essay about it. But when they got there, they realise the animals were all statues. There was nobody and no workers around. Turns out that the animals was stolen by a PHANTOM who can create fire from OUTER SPACE. Then in the end they destroyed by Phantom USING FIRE. Makes sense eh.
Firstly, the Phantom says that every 100 years, 100 Phantoms from their planet will come to earth to do something they want. So this time, this phantom wants his own zoo so he decided to steal ours. SERIOUSLY? AN EVIL PHANTOM WANTS TO HAVE HIS OWN ZOO. And somemore they can only come here every 100 years and he wants to has his own fucking zoo? If i were the other phantoms i would kick the crap outta him. Okay fine i can let that go because some people are just batshit crazy like that.
Secondly, THE PHANTOM GOT DESTROYED BY FIRE. He is a phantom that can CREATE FIRE but he gets DESTROYED by fire. I can forgive him if he dies in like a bigbig fire BUT NO. He gets destroyed by a small flame on a fucking matchstick. The fire didn't even touch him!! He was just holding that little match stick and he just started MELTING. WHaat?! It's like you put a fish in water and it'll drown. -facepalms-
Lastly, DOES HE REALLY NEED TO GO THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLES? I mean like he replaced the REAL animals with the STATUES and hide all the animals in this cave under the zoo. Then he has to wait until at night until all the other phantom comes and help him to get all the animals back. I have 2 problems with that. One, WHAT IS THE POINT OF REPLACING THEM WITH FAKE ANIMALS? I mean you closed the zoo and locked up all the workers. Who the fuck is gonna see the animals? And even if people, like the kids really got in, do you really think those fake animals can bluff them? "OH! Look! The animals are all stoning. Nothing wrong with that." SECONDLY. Couldn't he have just came at night with all the others when the zoo is officially closed and there are no workers and just STEAL the animals and just go back to his god damn planet? I'm not an evil phantom and i can come up with a better plan than him -.-

Alrighty. Now that i have got that off my chest, i'mma go study naozx. GOODBYE. I love you and i miss you ^^

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