Sunday, September 12, 2010

get outta my headdd

I think zombies has really gotten into my head... I had this scary ass dream about them... Gawd... I mean seeing them in the game maybe isn't THAT scary because well.. It's a game and it doesn't look that real... But in the dream... REAL LIFE ZOMBIES. SCARYYYYYYYYYYY. Furthermore I DON'T HAVE A GUN!! I was using my HANDS. MY FISTS. Trying to punch the shit out of these zombies while others have guns!! There was even a part when there was a freaking witch. Everyone just suddenly stopped, heard the crying and RETREAT RETREAT! GO BACK GO BACK. LOL

Okay so then we were running around in this bigbig shopping mall. Everyone was like trying to get ready for the next wave of zombies... I finally got a weapon loh. A baseball bat. I think it has something to do with the baseball i bought previously... KAY NVM. Then runrunrun THEN I SAW YOUUU. You saw me too ^^ Then we stoppedddd. We were like running in different directions... SAD. Then i was like "I LOVE YOU KAY?" then we went our seperate waysssss. I would remember that moment forever manzx... The way you looked into my eyes x.x

Then here they come. Through the doors and the windows. IT WAS RAINING OUTSIDE SOMEMORE -.- My baseball bat got destroyed halfway through? I was back to kicking and punching the zombies... MANZX. I rememebr one part there was a SMOKER. Standing right infront of me... Ohgod this is too much x.x

I must thank Jessica's message for waking me up tho... I don't wanna be in that dream x.x

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