Monday, September 6, 2010

she will get my heart racing in her skintighht pjs~

Wifey just posted the most epic picture on twitter evar... LOL. SOUTH PARK PJS!! Look at her face manzx haha! And its a tight pajamas somemore... CAN SEE HER SEXY FIGURE. YEAH. I LOVE YOU WIFEY LOL

I realise i've been posting alot of such short posts lately... Probably cause nowadays really nothing much happen LOL. Maybe gonna have a longer post tomorrow HOHO.

Anyways, today morning sucked. Cuz right, i woke up at around 7 to go and pee then when i came back, i realise MY BEARBEAR IS MISSING. MY MUM GO AND WASH IT WAHLAU. I tell her wash tml liao cuz im not at home!! Now i'm sitting here without my bearbear ): I feel very DX

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