Monday, October 11, 2010

i don't have the strength to resist you

I feel so wasted. As in eat too much junk food liao then feel very urghasdjaksjda that kind. For 3 days. I ate nothing but junk foodd. Actually not nothing la... Ate abit of my mum's cooking + LOADS of tidbits and sweets and schtuff and i've never felt better. Just kidding. I feel fatttt. Damn. No wait. I don't FEEL fat. I AM fat. Mehhhh~

I managed to stay awake yesterday night :3 At least until like 6am when i slept for awhile... Woke up at 8+ and started using the com till naozx. Yeah i know. I'M BURSTING WITH LIFE. Ready to take on the world! BRING IT ON WIFEYY!
Wee. She's actually holding down her skirt in this pic cuz there wuz this HUGE wind that blew up her skirt. Yeah. I have a picture of her skirt being blown up but i'm not gonna put it here because i respect my wifey =X

There's some history test tomorrow right? GAHhHHhH. Haven study. So typical of Jasmin tsktsk. The only time you see the name "Jasmin" and the word "studying" in the same sentence is when the phrase "IS NOT" is in the middle. Geniusss.

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