Monday, October 11, 2010

i wish that i was looking into your eyes...

I wanna learn how to ride a bike so i can ride it with mah wifey :3 Seriously, is there anything you can't do?

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Superwomannn! Weee. See that scar on her leg? Yeah. It's a scar. It's okay. Your imperfections are all perfect to me. That is the most beautiful scar ever. Really (: LOL. I sound like an idiot. It's like saying she has the nicest smelling shit ever. It probably is tho. Oh gosh this is disgusting. K i shldn't continue

HEY GUESS WHAT. I fell asleep hugging onto a big bottle of f&n grape soda while listening to songs. Woke up with drool on my face and to the song "Promiscuous Girl". Classy.

I suddenly realise... that... you're not that awesome... I mean... I don't know how to say this to make it not obvious who i'm talking about but i somehow i really wanna say it because it's freaking killing me. I have no one else to talk to now. My wifey's getting married to some other guy. OKAY STOP IT KATY PERRY IS NOT YOUR FREAKING WIFE k. -slaps- Okok. um. The others are all busy with their studies and shit. Ohwell. I can't always be about me right? Yeah. It always has been. Jasmin this jasmin that. I feel this i feel that.

Why do i get so depressed at night :/ Sighhh. I think its because... Ahhh. Why ): I feel like a hugee part of me has gone missing~ So empty~ It used to be filled with bits and pieces of crap but now it's totally empty liao. I miss you T.T But i really shouldn't. Nopenope. Kitty Purry shall miss her master, Katy Perry. Yeshyesh

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