Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the mouse that ran away

The weirdest shit just happened... I was like doing my homework infront of the computer. Then i needed to use the calculator in my computer then right i need the mouse mah. THEN RIGHT. I COULDN'T FIND THE MOUSE. I swear to god it wasn't on the table. I looked literally EVERYWHERE. DON'T HAVE.

So right, i went outside my room and was like MAMAAA I CANNOT FIND MY MOUSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Then i went back into my room with my mum beside me. And guess what. THE MOUSE IS ON THE TABLE. THE FUCK?! It was sitting nicely beside my homework. IT COULDN'T POSSIBLE BE COVERED BY THE PAPER BECAUSE MY PPR WAS FLAT ON THE TABLE!!!

So... How the fuck did i miss that?! Kinda freaked me out when i went into my room and saw it there. I WAS LIKE IT WASN'T THERE BEFORE I SWEAR. Now my mum thinks i'm crazy... I feel like i'm going insane too T.T YOU SEE. THIS IS WHAT HOMEWORK DOES TO ME. Gahhh.

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