Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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I JUST REALISE SOMETHING. My most favourite singer evaar has the same eyebrow as my favourite youtuber!! YAY. GO KATY PERRY AND NATALIE TRAN!

And i'm very sensitive about what people say about Katy Perry... I don't know why :/ YOU CAN CRITICISE ME WHICHEVER WAY YOU WANT I DON'T CARE!! BUT DO NOT CRITICISE KATY PERRY. Why can't you guys just understand my obsession with her?! Seems like there's no place for me to express my anger... FUCKK. It's all trapped inside mee. Buried underneath all these dunno what stuff. CAN'T I JUST RANTTT. I mean when i'm pissed, i rant. but i don't really mean any of the things i say!! I mean maybe some BUT I AM PISSED WHUAAT. WHAT YOU EXPECTTT. Oh hello. I am so angry now because people are talking bad about Katy Perry. Maybe i should burn their whole family. Hahaha. Damn itt

I don't know why i feel like crying :/ But i know its not related to what i mention above lah. lol. sighhh. I'll be prince and you'll be the princess~

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